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- Fred Rogers


My daughter attended this school for 2 years including kindergarten. The teachers and staff are wonderful! They are kind, caring and dedicated to the education and development of children not only as students, but as well rounded self confident little human beings. The school is clean, child friendly and inviting. There is a great sense of community at the school with memorable activities such as pumpkin carving and mother's day tea. They also have a great summer camp program. The kindergarten program gave my daughter an excellent academic foundation and made the transition to public school easy. We will always have fond memories!


My daughter attended this wonderful, small community preschool since the age of two. She started in the toddler room at the age of two and then continued in the preschool classroom for the following two years. I really appreciated the small size of the school, the comprehensive curriculum, the exposure for our child to different cultures, and the mix of different ages. The staff to child ratios is very good at Children s House Montessori School so the children can get individualized attention and the clean, warm and inviting space is filled with beautiful Montessori materials and hands-on activities. I found that the children are well behaved, play well together, and learn to accept responsibility, so my daughter made close friendships there. The school offers several enrichment classes at an affordable fee on top of the excellent curriculum already offered, such as ballet, which was very convenient. The school puts on a variety of events for kids and parents to participate-International day, Father s Pumpkin Carving, Mother s Day Tea-to name just a few. Children s House Montessori School has a welcoming, warm atmosphere with nurturing staff and a stimulating curriculum!

Our child started at Children's House at age 2 1/2, and will be entering kindergarten there this fall. We cannot say enough good things about the education she is receiving there, and we feel she is flourishing. Her teachers have been wonderful from an academic point of view, and also loving and caring, and that combination has made the classroom environment terrific. Our daughter is happy at CHMS, she enjoys before and after care, field trips, etc. I've had the added benefit of substituting as a classroom assistant a couple of times, so I've seen firsthand how typical days go, and I left both times with very positive feelings about the overall mission of the school and how it is carried out through the day.

I have been associated with the school for over 30 years-first as a parent, later as a teacher, and eventually as an administrator. In all the years there, this school has not only met the expectations stated in the philosophy statement but has exceeded them. It was, and still is one of the finest Montessori schools around. "We are committed to offering each child the comprehensive benefits of a true Montessori learning experience. We are dedicated to demonstrating respect for the spirit and essence of the child. We are devoted to presenting an atmosphere that is socially and academically stimulating. All programs follow accepted Montessori guidelines that provide freedom for the development of self-esteem, confidence and competence"

My son has been going to CHMS for 2 yrs, +3 yrs for summer camp, & I just can't say enough good things about it. The teachers are 1st rate -- certified Montessori, most with significant tenure at the school. My son, a sensitive kiddo, has thrived there, & we feel like several of his teachers are part of our family. Also, whenever we've had a concern, the teachers and administrators always made time to speak with us & resolve the issue sensitively. The kids do music (singing) every day. The school was flexible w/us when my son, at age 3, wasn't fully potty-trained. & finally, yes it's expensive, but that's how you hold onto fantastic teachers for more than a few years. My son says this is the "best school in the world"-we love it.

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